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Packing & Seals, Inc. is a small service oriented business with over 35 years of experience as a distributor and manufacturer of fluid sealing products. We specialize in mechanical seals, mechanical seal repair and inventory programs, and specialty items as well as the standard products such as mechanical packing, gaskets and gasket materials, o-rings and hydraulic seals


If you have or repair pumps or other fluid handling equipment, use gaskets, have hydraulic cylinders, or need hard to find specialty items then Packing & Seals, Inc. will be the answer to your fluid sealing requirements.


Packing & Seals Inc. is a company dedicated to helping people meet their fluid sealing requirements no matter how large or small. We provide quality products at competitive prices with timely deliveries and professional service. Whether it is a ship, sewage plant, repair shop, a prime or sub contractor, or a large processing or manufacturing plant Packing & Seals Inc. has the ability to work with the customer to solve their fluid sealing problems.

We are not limited to one brand or one philosophy of thinking. We are an independent company with the ability to choose the best of all available products to meet the customer's needs. We are not limited to a specific supplier. At Packing & Seals Inc. you don't pay for a fancy box or label.

Packing & Seals Inc. offers customized inventory, mechanical seal repair and standardization programs to meet each customer's own requirements. This includes the use and tracking of customer part numbers and special packaging requirements.


The U.S. Navy has issued Packing & Seals Inc. a FSCM (manufacturer's code of 64880) and a number of blank purchase agreements to provide mechanical seals and other related products to the Navy. Packing & Seals Inc. can identify seals by NSN's, APL's, part numbers, pump name or usage and by ship or class.

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