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Packing & Seals Inc. carries all types of mechanical packing. Mechanical packing is still used in pumps, valves and expansion joints. Packing & Seals, Inc. offers general services packing such as Flax & Tallow (marine packing), graphite treated synthetic fiber packing. We also carry specialty packing of PTFE treated synthetic fiber packing, composite packing of graphite and PTFE, wire inserted high temperature packing, graphite ribbon packing and many others.


Series 1000 Carbon and Graphitic Packing

Series 2000 Rubber

Series 3000 PTFE Packing

Series 4000 Hydraulic

Series 5000 Synthetic Fiber Packing

Series 6000 Graphoil*

Series 7000 Natural Fiber Packing

Series 8000 Metallic

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