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Packing and Gasket Tools

Packing & Seals, Inc. offers a complete line of packing tools and tool kits to handle your packing maintenance with ease.


Flexible or Solid Shafts

Extractors are available with either Flexible (F) or Solid (S) shafts as required for each application.


Packing Tool Kits

We offer each puller-tip combo as well as separate tips to allow our customers to create their own custom packing tool kits. However, we also offer 3 pre-configured packing tools kits: Kit A, Kit B, and the Deluxe kit. See chart for contents of each kit.


This line includes extractors with unique interchangeable tips that add versatility otherwise not available. Worn or damaged tips may be replaced on the extractors. Removable tips include corkscrews (C) for most packing, woodscrews (W) for hardened packing, brush sets (B) (2 sizes per set) for cleaning the stuffing box, oakum pullers (OP) and 2 sets of lantern gland thread adapters (LG). All tips are removable unless otherwise noted.

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