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Gaskets and Gasket Material


Packing & Seals, Inc. offers standard gaskets as well special configuration gaskets in an almost ending list of materials.


Spiral Wound or Flex Gaskets

Spiral Wound or Flex Gaskets cut to standard industrial and military specifications, with outer ring, without outer ring, with inner ring and winding only in round or special shapes such as bonnet gaskets.

Metallic Gaskets

Heat exchanger gaskets, metallic gaskets single or double jacket, in almost any shape.

Cut Gaskets

Die cut, hand cut, waterjet cut in an almost ending list of materials and shapes.


Gasket Tapes

Free Forming Expanded PTFE with or without PSA, Graphite Ribbon, Fiberglass, Ceramic, Sponge Rubber, Tadpole, Bolt hole, Luting, and many more.


Gasket Sheet Material

Rubber, NBR, Neoprene, Red Rubber, Teflon, Oil Paper and many others.

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